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cups-1.4.4-3zae.x86_64 Common Unix Printing System - Server package Eslrahc
cups-1.4.4-3zae.i586 Common Unix Printing System - Server package Eslrahc
cups-common-1.4.4-3zae.i586 Common Unix Printing System - Common stuff Eslrahc
cups-common-1.4.4-3zae.x86_64 Common Unix Printing System - Common stuff Eslrahc
cups-serial-1.4.4-3zae.i586 Common Unix Printing System - Backend for serial port printers Eslrahc
cups-serial-1.4.4-3zae.x86_64 Common Unix Printing System - Backend for serial port printers Eslrahc
lib64cups2-1.4.4-3zae.x86_64 Common Unix Printing System - CUPS library Eslrahc
lib64cups2-devel-1.4.4-3zae.x86_64 Common Unix Printing System - Development environment "libcups" Eslrahc
libcups2-1.4.4-3zae.i586 Common Unix Printing System - CUPS library Eslrahc
libcups2-devel-1.4.4-3zae.i586 Common Unix Printing System - Development environment "libcups" Eslrahc
php-cups-1.4.4-3zae.x86_64 PHP bindings for the libcups library Eslrahc
php-cups-1.4.4-3zae.i586 PHP bindings for the libcups library Eslrahc
claws-mail-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Claws Mail is an email client based on GTK+2.0 Eslrahc
claws-mail-devel-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Claws Mail is an email client based on GTK+2.0 Eslrahc
claws-mail-acpi-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin enables mail notification via LEDs on some laptops Eslrahc
claws-mail-att_remover-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin for claws-mail enables the removal of attachments Eslrahc
claws-mail-attachwarner-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin for claws-mail warns if attachment are not included Eslrahc
claws-mail-bogofilter-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Bogofilter plugin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-cachesaver-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin for claws-mail saves the caches every minute Eslrahc
claws-mail-clamav-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Clamav plugin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-dillo_viewer-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Dillo-plugin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-gtkhtml2_viewer-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin for claws-mail enables gtkhtml2 viewer Eslrahc
claws-mail-mailmbox-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin provides direct access to mbox folders Eslrahc
claws-mail-newmail-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin can write a summary to a log file Eslrahc
claws-mail-notification-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin notify from new mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-pdf_viewer-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin handles PDF and Postscript attachments Eslrahc
claws-mail-perl-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Perl interface to claws-mails' filtering mechanism Eslrahc
claws-mail-pgpcore-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 PGP core plugin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-pgpinline-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 PGP (inline) plugin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-pgpmime-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 PGP plgin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-rssyl-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin allows you to read your favorite newsfeeds in claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-smime-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin allow to use smine in mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-spamassassin-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Spamassassin-plugin for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-synce-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin assists in syncing the addressbook Eslrahc
claws-mail-trayicon-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 Notafication icon for claws-mail Eslrahc
claws-mail-vcalendar-plugin-2.9.2-1zae.i586 This plugin for claws-mail enables vCalendar message handling Eslrahc
xfce-places-plugin-0.2.0-1zae.i586 Places plugin for the Xfce panel Eslrahc
freetype2-tools-2.3.4-1plf2007.0.i586 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine Eslrahc
libfreetype6-2.3.4-1plf2007.0.i586 Shared libraries for a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine Eslrahc
libfreetype6-devel-2.3.4-1plf2007.0.i586 Header files and static library for development with FreeType2 Eslrahc
libfreetype6-static-devel-2.3.4-1plf2007.0.i586 Static libraries for programs which will use the FreeType2 library Eslrahc
libsqueeze-1_0-0.2.0-1zae.i586 Library used by squeeze Eslrahc
libsqueeze-1_0-devel-0.2.0-1zae.i586 Developement librarys for squeeeze Eslrahc
squeeze-0.2.0-1zae.i586 A modern and advanced archive manager for the Xfce Desktop Eslrahc
libxfce4mcs3-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Multi-channel settings management support for Xfce Eslrahc
libxfce4mcs3-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries and header files for the libxfce4mcs library Eslrahc
libxfce4panel1-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Panel library for the Xfce desktop environment Eslrahc
libxfce4panel1-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries and header files for the xfce-panel library Eslrahc
libxfce4util4-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Utility library for the Xfce4 desktop environment Eslrahc
libxfce4util4-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries and header files for the libxfce4util library Eslrahc
libxfcegui4_4-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Gui libraries for Xfce Eslrahc
libxfcegui4_4-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries and header files for the libxfcegui4 library Eslrahc
libxfprint0-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries for the Xfce Printer Manager Eslrahc
libxfprint0-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries and header files for the Xfce Printer Manager Eslrahc
libxfsm-4.2_0-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries for the Xfce Session Manager Eslrahc
libxfsm-4.2_0-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries and header files for the Xfce Session Manager Eslrahc
orage-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Time-managing application for Xfce Eslrahc
task-xfce-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Lightweight Desktop Environment Eslrahc
xfce-appfinder-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Find every application in the system Eslrahc
xfce-mixer-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Volume control for the Xfce Eslrahc
xfce-utils-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment Eslrahc
xfce-datetime-plugin-0.5.0-1mdv2007.0.i586 A date and time panel plugin for the Xfce panel Eslrahc
xfce-mcs-manager-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Multi channel settings manager for Xfce Eslrahc
xfce-mcs-plugins-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Plugins for multi channel settings manager Eslrahc
xfce-mcs-manager-devel-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Header file to build xfce-mcs-manager plugins Eslrahc
xfdesktop-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Desktop manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment Eslrahc
xfprint-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Print dialog and printer manager for Xfce Eslrahc
xfwm-themes-4.4.1-1mdv2007.0.noarch Additional themes for Xfwm Eslrahc
egon-3.6.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 The animator program from Siag Office Eslrahc
gcstar-1.1.1-2mdv2007.0.noarch A collection manager Eslrahc
gimp-2.3.15-1zae.i586 The GNU Image Manipulation Program Eslrahc
gimp-python-2.3.15-1zae.i586 GIMP python extension Eslrahc
ImageMagick-6.3.3-1plf2007.0.i586 An X application for displaying and manipulating images Eslrahc
ImageMagick-doc-6.3.3-1plf2007.0.i586 ImageMagick Documentation Eslrahc
libgimp2.0-devel-2.3.15-1zae.i586 GIMP plugin and extension development kit Eslrahc
libgimp2.0_0-2.3.15-1zae.i586 GIMP libraries Eslrahc
libMagick10.7.0-6.3.3-1plf2007.0.i586 ImageMagick libraries Eslrahc
libMagick10.7.0-devel-6.3.3-1plf2007.0.i586 Static libraries and header files for ImageMagick app development Eslrahc
perl-Image-Magick-6.3.3-1plf2007.0.i586 Libraries and modules for access to ImageMagick from perl Eslrahc
pw-3.6.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 The Pathetic Writer word-processor Eslrahc
siag-common-3.6.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Common files for Siag Office Eslrahc
siag-plugins-3.6.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Plugins for Siag Office Eslrahc
tellico-1.2.9-1mdv2007.0.i586 A book collection manager Eslrahc
tsiag-3.6.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Text version of the SIAG spreadsheet Eslrahc
xsiag-3.6.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 A spreadsheet with an X11 user-interface Eslrahc
banshee-0.11.7-1mdv2007.0.i586 Music player with mobile player support Eslrahc
banshee-doc-0.11.7-1mdv2007.0.i586 Development documentation for banshee Eslrahc
banshee-ipod-0.11.7-1mdv2007.0.i586 Ipod support for Banshee Eslrahc
banshee-karma-0.11.7-1mdv2007.0.i586 Rio Karma audio player support for Banshee Eslrahc
banshee-mtp-0.11.7-1mdv2007.0.i586 MTP audio player support for Banshee Eslrahc
banshee-njb-0.11.7-1mdv2007.0.i586 Nomad jukebox support for Banshee Eslrahc
beagle- GNOME indexing subsystem Eslrahc
beagle-epiphany- Beagle indexing plugin for the epiphany browser Eslrahc
beagle-evolution- Beagle indexing plugin for the Evolution Mail client Eslrahc
beagle-gui- Beagle search system graphical user interface Eslrahc
beagle-crawl-system- GNOME indexing subsystem for system files Eslrahc
caca-utils-0.99-0.beta11.1mdv2007.0.i586 Text mode graphics utilities Eslrahc
dkms-fuse-2.6.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 Linux kernel module for FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) Eslrahc
easytag-2.0-1plf2007.0.i586 Tag editor for MP3, OGG files Eslrahc
fuse-2.6.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 Interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the kernel Eslrahc
libbeagle0- Shared library of beagle Eslrahc
libbeagle0-devel- Development library of beagle Eslrahc
libcaca0-0.99-0.beta11.1mdv2007.0.i586 Text mode graphics library Eslrahc
libcaca0-devel-0.99-0.beta11.1mdv2007.0.i586 Development files for libcaca Eslrahc
libdha1.0-1.0-1.rc1.8plf2007.0.i586 Support library for MPlayer's vidix video drivers Eslrahc
libfuse2-2.6.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries for fuse Eslrahc
libfuse2-devel-2.6.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 Header files and development libraries for libfuse2 Eslrahc
libfuse2-static-devel-2.6.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 Static libraries for fuse Eslrahc
libgpod-0.4.2-2mdv2007.0.i586 Library to access an iPod audio player Eslrahc
libgpod1-0.4.2-2mdv2007.0.i586 Library to access an iPod audio player Eslrahc
libgpod1-devel-0.4.2-2mdv2007.0.i586 Library to access an iPod audio player Eslrahc
libmozilla-firefox2.0.0.2- Mozilla Firefox libraries Eslrahc
libnspr4- Netscape Portable Runtime Library Eslrahc
libnspr4-devel- Netscape Portable Runtime library - development files Eslrahc
libnspr4-static-devel- Netscape Portable Runtime library - static libraries Eslrahc
libnss3- Network Security Services (NSS) Eslrahc
libnss3-devel- Network Security Services (NSS) - development files Eslrahc
libntfs-3g0-1.0-2mdv2007.0.i586 Ntfs-3g driver library Eslrahc
libntfs-3g0-devel-1.0-2mdv2007.0.i586 Header files and static libraries for ntfs-3g Eslrahc
librhythmbox0-0.9.8-2mdv2007.0.i586 Shared library part of rhythmbox Eslrahc
libseahorse0-0.9.92-1mdv2007.0.i586 Seahorse libraries Eslrahc
libseahorse0-devel-0.9.92-1mdv2007.0.i586 Seahorse libraries Eslrahc
libvlc0-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Shared code for the VLC media player Eslrahc
libvlc0-devel-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Development files for the VLC media player Eslrahc
libxine1-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 A Free Video Player (Libraries) Eslrahc
libxine1-devel-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Devel files for xine Eslrahc
mencoder-1.0-1.rc1.8plf2007.0.i586 MPlayer's movie encoder Eslrahc
mozilla-firefox- Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Eslrahc
mplayer-1.0-1.rc1.8plf2007.0.i586 Movie player for linux Eslrahc
mplayer-gui-1.0-1.rc1.8plf2007.0.i586 GUI for mplayer Eslrahc
ntfs-3g-1.0-2mdv2007.0.i586 Read-write ntfs driver Eslrahc
pan-0.125-1mdv2007.0.i586 A USENET newsreader for GNOME Eslrahc
python-gpod-0.4.2-2mdv2007.0.i586 Python module for iPod access Eslrahc
python-beagle- Python module for writing Beagle extensions Eslrahc
rhythmbox-0.9.8-2mdv2007.0.i586 Music Management Application Eslrahc
seahorse-0.9.92-1mdv2007.0.i586 Seahorse is a GNOME2 frontend to GnuPG Eslrahc
seahorse-epiphany-0.9.92-1mdv2007.0.i586 Seahorse GnuPG plugin for Epiphany Eslrahc
svlc-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Skinned GUI plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 VLC is a free MPEG, MPEG2, DVD and DivX player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-a52-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 A-52 (AC-3) codec plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-aa-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 ASCII art video plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-arts-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Arts audio plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-bonjour-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Bonjour service discovery plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-daap-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 DAAP service discovery plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-dvdnav-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 DVD plugin with menu support for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-esd-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Enlightened Sound Daemon audio plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-flac-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Flac codec plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-ggi-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 GGI video plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-gnutls-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Secure Socket Layer plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-lirc-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Lirc plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-mod-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 MOD audio decoder plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-mpc-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 MPC audio decoder plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-ncurses-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Ncurses console-based plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-ogg-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 Ogg demuxer and Vorbis codec plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-opengl-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 OpenGL video output plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-svgalib-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 SVGAlib video plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-upnp-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 UPNP service discovery plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
vlc-plugin-xosd-0.8.6a-2plf2007.0.i586 X On-Screen Display plugin for the VLC media player Eslrahc
xine-aa-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Aalib plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-arts-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Arts plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-caca-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Caca video output plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-dxr3-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 DXR3 plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-esd-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Esd plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-faad-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 FAAD plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-flac-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 FLAC plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-gnomevfs-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 GNOME VFS plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-image-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 ImageMagick plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-jack-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Jack plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-plugins-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 A Free Video Player (main plugins) Eslrahc
xine-pulse-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Pulseaudio plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-sdl-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 SDL video output plugin for xine Eslrahc
xine-smb-1.1.4-2plf2007.0.i586 Samba input plugin for xine Eslrahc
blender-2.43-0.20070214.1mdv2007.0.i586 A fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package Eslrahc
dkms-virtualbox-1.3.4-1mdv2007.0.i586 VirtualBox OSE kernel module Eslrahc
dkms-omfs-0.7.3-1mdv2007.0.noarch DKMS-ready driver for the Rio Karma omfs file system Eslrahc
eog-2.17.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 The Eye of GNOME image viewer Eslrahc
epiphany-2.17.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine Eslrahc
epiphany-devel-2.17.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 Header files for developing with Epiphany Eslrahc
epiphany-extensions-2.17.4-2mdv2007.0.i586 Extensions for the GNOME Web Browser, Epiphany Eslrahc
file-roller-2.17.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 An archive manager for GNOME Eslrahc
gnome-icon-theme-2.17.91-1mdv2007.0.noarch GNOME default icons Eslrahc
apcupsd-3.14.0-1zae.i586 Power management software for APC UPS hardware Eslrahc
clamav-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 An anti-virus utility for Unix Eslrahc
clamav-db-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 Virus database for clamav Eslrahc
clamav-milter-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 The Clam AntiVirus sendmail-milter Daemon Eslrahc
clamd-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 The Clam AntiVirus Daemon Eslrahc
clamdmon-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 A little program for checking ClamAV daemon health Eslrahc
gaim-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client Eslrahc
gaim-client-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 PLugin and sample client to control gaim Eslrahc
gaim-gevolution-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Gaim extension, for Evolution integration Eslrahc
gaim-meanwhile-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Lotus Sametime Community Client plugin for Gaim Eslrahc
gaim-mono-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Gaim extension, to use Mono plugins Eslrahc
gaim-perl-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Gaim extension, to use perl scripting Eslrahc
gaim-silc-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Gaim extension, to use SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) Eslrahc
gaim-tcl-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Gaim extension, to use tcl scripting Eslrahc
gaim-client-devel-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Development files for gaim-client Eslrahc
gnupg2-2.0.2-1mdv2007.0.i586 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement Eslrahc
gphoto2-2.3.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Command line utilities to access digital cameras Eslrahc
gtkhtml-3.8-3.13.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library Eslrahc
gzip-1.3.10-1mdv2007.0.i586 The GNU data compression program Eslrahc
iasl-20061109-1mdv2007.0.i586 Intel ASL compiler/decompiler Eslrahc
ipod-sharp-0.6.2-1mdv2007.0.noarch Library to control the Ipod database Eslrahc
ipod-sharp-doc-0.6.2-1mdv2007.0.noarch Development documentation for ipod-sharp Eslrahc
jay- Jay is a LALR(1) parser generator for Java and C# Eslrahc
karma-sharp-0.0.6-1mdv2007.0.i586 Rio Karma C# bindings Eslrahc
libassuan-devel-1.0.1-2mdv2007.0.i586 Header files and static library for assuan Eslrahc
libclamav1-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 Shared libraries for clamav Eslrahc
libclamav1-devel-0.90-2mdv2007.0.i586 Development library and header files for the clamav library Eslrahc
libfreealut0-1.1.0-3mdv2007.0.i586 Main library for ALUT Eslrahc
libfreealut0-devel-1.1.0-3mdv2007.0.i586 Headers for developing programs that will use ALUT Eslrahc
libgaim0-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Shared libs for gaim Eslrahc
libgaim0-devel-2.0.0-2.beta6.2mdv2007.0.i586 Development files for gaim Eslrahc
libgpg-error0-1.4-1mdv2007.0.i586 Library containing common error values for GnuPG components Eslrahc
libgpg-error0-devel-1.4-1mdv2007.0.i586 Development related files of libgpg-error Eslrahc
libgpgme11-1.1.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) Eslrahc
libgpgme11-devel-1.1.3-1mdv2007.0.i586 GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) Header files and libraries for development Eslrahc
libgphoto-common-2.3.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Platform-independent files for the "libgphoto2" library Eslrahc
libgphoto-hotplug-2.3.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Hotplug support from libgphoto Eslrahc
libgphoto2-2.3.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Library to access to digital cameras Eslrahc
libgphoto2-devel-2.3.1-1mdv2007.0.i586 Headers and links to compile against the "libgphoto2" library Eslrahc
libgphoto2-sharp-2.3.0-1mdv2007.0.noarch C# language binding for the Gphoto library Eslrahc
libgtkhtml-3.8_15-3.13.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 Libraries for GtkHTML Eslrahc
libgtkhtml-3.8_15-devel-3.13.91-1mdv2007.0.i586 Development libraries, header files and utilities for GtkHTML Eslrahc
libipoddevice-utils-0.5.2-1mdv2007.0.i586 Debugging tool for libipoddevice Eslrahc
libipoddevice0-0.5.2-1mdv2007.0.i586 Ipod access library Eslrahc
libipoddevice0-devel-0.5.2-1mdv2007.0.i586 Ipod access library Eslrahc
libkarma-0.0.6-1mdv2007.0.i586 Rio Karma tools Eslrahc
libkarma-devel-0.0.6-1mdv2007.0.i586 Rio Karma tools Eslrahc
libksba8-1.0.0-1mdv2007.0.i586 Library handling X.509 certificates and CMS data Eslrahc
libksba8-devel-1.0.0-1mdv2007.0.i586 Development files for libksba package Eslrahc

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