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wmpinboard-0.7-1.i386 Window Maker dock applet resembling a miniature pinboard
wminet-2.0.3-1.i386 Inetd monitoring WindowMaker dock applet
wmitime-0.2-1.i386 Standard and Internet Time clock applet
wmmail-0.59-1.i386 wmmail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff.
wmpong-0.3-1.i386 A Window Maker dock app which does nothing functionally, instead just for fun.
WSoundPrefs-0.8-0.i386 WSoundPrefs is a configuration utility the Window Maker WMSound Server
postilion-0.8.8-1.i386 A sophisticated GUI MUA a la NextStep
wdm-1.0-0.i386 WINGs Display Manager
wdm-0.90-0.i386 WINGs Display Manager
wmnet-1.04-1.i386 Applet that monitors the network
wmavgnetload-0.2-2.i386 Network average load applet
wmcdplay-0.8-2.i386 CD player applet
wmmount-0.8-3.i386 Mounter applet
wmmon-1.0b2-1.i386 CPU/Memory/Swap/Disk usage applet
wmtime-1.0b2-1.i386 Time applet
wmload-0.9.2-2.i386 CPU load applet
wmrack-1.0b3-2.i386 Mixer/CD player applet
wmrxtx-1.0-3.i386 Applet that simulates ethernet lights
wmfinder-0.2.9-2.i386 NeXTish file manager
wmmixer-0.8-1.i386 Sound mixer applet
wmppp-1.2-1.i386 Network monitoring applets
wmavgload-0.6.1-1.i386 CPU average load applet
IconFest-1.2-1.noarch collection of mostly 48x48 icons and tiles in xpm/tif format
wmf-1.0.2-1.i386 Web Mail Folder
TkStep-8.0p2-2.i386 A restyled Tk which looks like N*xtStep.
wmconfig-1.0-2.i386 General dynamic window manager configuration
WindowMaker-icons-0.12.3-1.i386 WindowMaker icons
WindowMaker-icons-0.12.2-1.i386 WindowMaker icons
TkStep-8.0p2-1.i386 A restyled Tk which looks like N*xtStep.

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