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clamav-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 An open source antivirus engine
clamav-db-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 The virus database for ClamAV
clamav-debuginfo-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 Debug information for package clamav
clamav-devel-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 Development tools for ClamAV
clamav-doc-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 The ClamAV documentation
clamav-lib-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 The ClamAV core libraries
clamav-milter-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 The Milter interface for ClamAV
clamav-server-0.97.7-1.el6.pp.i686 The ClamAV scanning daemon
adns-1.4-4.el6.pp.i686 The GNU asynchronous DNS resolver library
adns-debuginfo-1.4-4.el6.pp.i686 Debug information for package adns
adns-devel-1.4-4.el6.pp.i686 Development tools for GNU adns
adns-progs-1.4-4.el6.pp.i686 Related programs for GNU adns
STLport-5.2.1-1.el6.pp.i686 A C++ Standard Library Implementation
STLport-debuginfo-5.2.1-1.el6.pp.i686 Debug information for package STLport
STLport-devel-5.2.1-1.el6.pp.i686 Development tools for STLport

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