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RPMs less than three days old

hawkey-0.3.16-1.git4e79abc.fc20.i686 Library providing simplified C and Python API to libsolv Fedora
hawkey-devel-0.3.16-1.git4e79abc.fc20.i686 A Library providing simplified C and Python API to libsolv Fedora
hdf5-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data Fedora
hdf5-devel-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 development files Fedora
hdf5-mpich-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 mpich libraries Fedora
hdf5-openmpi-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 openmpi libraries Fedora
hdf5-static-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 static libraries Fedora
hdf5-mpich-devel-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 mpich development files Fedora
hdf5-mpich-static-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 mpich static libraries Fedora
hdf5-openmpi-devel-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 openmpi development files Fedora
hdf5-openmpi-static-1.8.11-4.fc20.i686 HDF5 openmpi static libraries Fedora
hdparm-9.43-3.fc20.i686 A utility for displaying and/or setting hard disk parameters Fedora
hevea-1.10-10.fc20.i686 LaTeX to HTML translator Fedora
hwdata-0.251-1.fc20.noarch Hardware identification and configuration data Fedora

RPMs less than one week old

harfbuzz-0.9.19-1.fc20.i686 Text shaping library Fedora
harfbuzz-devel-0.9.19-1.fc20.i686 Development files for harfbuzz Fedora
harfbuzz-icu-0.9.19-1.fc20.i686 Harfbuzz ICU support library Fedora
help2man-1.43.3-1.fc20.noarch Create simple man pages from --help output Fedora
hunspell-es-0.7-1.fc20.noarch Spanish hunspell dictionaries Fedora

RPMs less than two weeks old

healpix-2.13a-11.fc20.i686 Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere Fedora
healpix-c++-2.13a-11.fc20.i686 Healpix C++ binaries and libraries Fedora
healpix-devel-2.13a-11.fc20.i686 Healpix Fortran headers Fedora
healpix-c++-devel-2.13a-11.fc20.i686 Healpix C++ headers Fedora
hunspell-en-0.20121024-4.fc20.noarch English hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-en-GB-0.20121024-4.fc20.noarch UK English hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-en-US-0.20121024-4.fc20.noarch US English hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hibernate3-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Relational persistence and query service Fedora
hibernate3-c3p0-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch C3P0-based implementation of Hibernate ConnectionProvider Fedora
hibernate3-ehcache-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Integration of Hibernate with Ehcache Fedora
hibernate3-entitymanager-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Hibernate Entity Manager Fedora
hibernate3-envers-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Hibernate support for entity auditing Fedora
hibernate3-infinispan-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Integration of Hibernate with Infinispan Fedora
hibernate3-javadoc-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch API docs for hibernate3 Fedora
hibernate3-jbosscache-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Integration of hibernate with jbosscache Fedora
hibernate3-proxool-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Proxool-based implementation of Hibernate ConnectionProvder Fedora
hibernate3-testing-3.6.10-10.fc20.noarch Hibernate JUnit test utilities Fedora

RPMs less than one month old

hawtdb-1.6-2.fc20.noarch A Powerful Key/Value Store Fedora
hawtdb-javadoc-1.6-2.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hawtdb Fedora
hibernate-jpamodelgen-1.2.0-5.fc20.noarch Hibernate JPA 2 Metamodel Generator Fedora
hibernate-jpa-2.1-api-1.0.0-0.2.Draft.16.fc20.noarch Java Persistence 2.1 (JSR 338) API Fedora
hibernate-jpa-2.1-api-javadoc-1.0.0-0.2.Draft.16.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hibernate-jpa-2.1-api Fedora
hibernate-jpamodelgen-javadoc-1.2.0-5.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hibernate-jpamodelgen Fedora
hxtools-20130605-1.fc20.i686 A collection of several tools Fedora
hawtbuf-1.9-6.fc20.noarch A rich byte buffer library Fedora
hawtbuf-javadoc-1.9-6.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hawtbuf Fedora
hawtbuf-proto-1.9-6.fc20.noarch A protobuf library Fedora
hawtbuf-protoc-1.9-6.fc20.noarch A protobuf compiler as a maven plugin Fedora
hawtdispatch-1.17-2.fc20.noarch The libdispatch style API for Java Fedora
hawtdispatch-javadoc-1.17-2.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hawtdispatch Fedora
hawtdispatch-transport-1.17-2.fc20.noarch Transport abstractions for HawtDispatch Fedora
homebank-4.5-1.fc20.i686 Free easy personal accounting for all Fedora
homebank-doc-4.5-1.fc20.i686 Documentation files for homebank Fedora
homerun-1.0.0-5.fc20.i686 KDE Application Launcher Fedora
homerun-devel-1.0.0-5.fc20.i686 Development files for homerun Fedora
homerun-libs-1.0.0-5.fc20.i686 Library files of homerun launcher Fedora
httpie-0.6.0-4.fc20.noarch A Curl-like tool for humans Fedora
hsqldb-2.2.9-1.fc20.noarch HyperSQL Database Engine Fedora
hsqldb-demo-2.2.9-1.fc20.noarch Demo for hsqldb Fedora
hsqldb-javadoc-2.2.9-1.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hsqldb Fedora
hsqldb-manual-2.2.9-1.fc20.noarch Manual for hsqldb Fedora
hatari-1.7.0-1.fc20.i686 An Atari ST emulator suitable for playing games Fedora
hatari-ui-1.7.0-1.fc20.i686 External user interface for Hatari Fedora
httping-2.3.3-1.fc20.i686 Ping alike tool for http requests Fedora
hash-slinger-2.2-1.fc20.noarch Generate various DNS records such as RFC-4255 SSHFP and RFC-698 TLSA Fedora
hedgewars-0.9.18-8.fc20.i686 2D tankbattle game with the tanks replaced by hedgehogs Fedora
hedgewars-server-0.9.18-8.fc20.i686 Standalone server for hedgewars Fedora

RPMs more than 1 months old

htmlcleaner-2.2.1-2.fc20.noarch HTML parser written in Java Fedora
htmlcleaner-javadoc-2.2.1-2.fc20.noarch API documentation for htmlcleaner Fedora
haddock-2.13.2-1.fc20.i686 A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries Fedora
highlighting-kate- Sourcecode syntax highlighting library Fedora
hledger-0.19.3-1.fc20.i686 A double-entry accounting tool Fedora
hlint-1.8.46-1.fc20.i686 Haskell source code suggestions Fedora
hscolour-1.20.3-6.fc20.i686 Colorize Haskell code Fedora
hostname-3.13-1.fc20.i686 Utility to set/show the host name or domain name Fedora
haproxy-1.4.24-1.fc20.i686 HA-Proxy is a TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments Fedora
hotot-common-0.9.9-6.20130614gited2ff01.fc20.i686 Lightweight & open source micro blogging client Fedora
hotot-gtk-0.9.9-6.20130614gited2ff01.fc20.i686 Lightweight & open source micro blogging client Fedora
hotot-qt-0.9.9-6.20130614gited2ff01.fc20.i686 Lightweight & open source micro blogging client Fedora
hfsplus-tools-540.1.linux3-4.fc20.i686 Tools to create/check Apple HFS+ filesystems Fedora
hsqldb1- HyperSQL Database Engine Fedora
hsqldb1-javadoc- Javadoc for hsqldb1 Fedora
heimdall-1.4.0-1.fc20.i686 Flash firmware on to Samsung Galaxy S devices Fedora
heimdall-frontend-1.4.0-1.fc20.i686 Qt4 based frontend for heimdall Fedora
h5py-2.1.3-1.fc20.i686 A Python interface to the HDF5 library Fedora
hardening-check-2.3-2.fc20.noarch Tool to check ELF for being built hardened Fedora
hgsvn-0.1.9-5.fc20.noarch A set of scripts to work locally on subversion checkouts using mercurial Fedora
httpcomponents-client-4.2.5-2.fc20.noarch HTTP agent implementation based on httpcomponents HttpCore Fedora
httpcomponents-core-4.2.4-4.fc20.noarch Set of low level Java HTTP transport components for HTTP services Fedora
httpcomponents-client-javadoc-4.2.5-2.fc20.noarch API documentation for httpcomponents-client Fedora
httpcomponents-core-javadoc-4.2.4-4.fc20.noarch API documentation for httpcomponents-core Fedora
HepMC-2.06.09-3.fc20.i686 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators Fedora
HepMC-devel-2.06.09-3.fc20.i686 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - development files Fedora
HepMC-doc-2.06.09-3.fc20.noarch C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - documentation Fedora
hg-git-0.4.0-1.fc20.noarch Mercurial Plugin for Communicating with Git Servers Fedora
hercules-3.08.2-1.fc20.i686 Hercules S/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture emulator Fedora
hostapd-2.0-1.fc20.i686 IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator Fedora
hostapd-logwatch-2.0-1.fc20.i686 Logwatch scripts for hostapd Fedora
hunspell-ne-20080425-8.fc20.noarch Nepali hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-mr-20060920-14.fc20.noarch Marathi hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hdapsd-20090401gita64b50c-1.fc20.i686 Protects hard drives by parking head when fall is detected Fedora
hdhomerun-0.0-0.20.20130328.fc20.i686 Silicon Dust HDHomeRun configuration utility Fedora
hdhomerun-devel-0.0-0.20.20130328.fc20.i686 Developer tools for the hdhomerun library Fedora
hunspell-ga-4.6-4.fc20.noarch Irish hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hawtjni-1.8-1.fc20.noarch Code generator that produces the JNI code Fedora
hawtjni-javadoc-1.8-1.fc20.noarch Javadocs for hawtjni Fedora
hovercraft-1.1-3.fc20.noarch Makes impress.js presentations from reStructuredText Fedora
hunspell-gd-2.6-1.fc20.noarch Scots Gaelic hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hdfview-2.9-2.fc20.noarch Java HDF Object viewer Fedora
hwloc-1.7-1.fc20.i686 Portable Hardware Locality - portable abstraction of hierarchical architectures Fedora
hwloc-devel-1.7-1.fc20.i686 Headers and shared development libraries for hwloc Fedora
hwloc-libs-1.7-1.fc20.i686 Run time libraries for the hwloc Fedora
haxima-0.7.1-5.20120228gitb0a402a.fc20.i686 A full-featured role-playing game for the Nazghul engine Fedora
hibernate-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Relational persistence and query service Fedora
hibernate-c3p0-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate C3P0 ConnectionProvider Fedora
hibernate-ehcache-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate Ehcache Integration Fedora
hibernate-entitymanager-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate Entity Manager Fedora
hibernate-envers-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate Envers Fedora
hibernate-infinispan-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate Infinispan Integration Fedora
hibernate-javadoc-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Javadoc for hibernate Fedora
hibernate-proxool-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate Proxool ConnectionProvider Fedora
hibernate-testing-4.1.7-7.fc20.noarch Hibernate Testing Fedora
hardinfo-0.5.1-9.fc20.i686 System Profiler and Benchmark Fedora
html2ps-1.0-0.13.b7.fc20.noarch HTML to PostScript converter Fedora
htmldoc-1.8.27-24.fc20.i686 Converter from HTML into indexed HTML, PostScript, or PDF Fedora
httrack-3.43.9-7.fc20.i686 Website copier and offline browser Fedora
httrack-devel-3.43.9-7.fc20.i686 Development files for httrack Fedora
hylafax+-5.5.3-4.fc20.i686 An enterprise-strength fax server Fedora
hylafax+-client-5.5.3-4.fc20.i686 Client programs for HylaFAX fax servers Fedora
heat-cfntools-1.2.3-1.fc20.noarch Tools required to be installed on Heat provisioned cloud instances Fedora
hardlink-1.0-17.fc20.i686 Create a tree of hardlinks Fedora
humanity-icon-theme-0.6.2-1.fc20.noarch Humanity icon theme Fedora
hexedit-1.2.13-3.fc20.i686 A hexadecimal file viewer and editor Fedora
hunspell-uk-1.6.6-1.fc20.noarch Ukrainian hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-la-0.20130331-1.fc20.noarch Latin hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-sr-0.20130330-1.fc20.noarch Serbian hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-tpi-0.07-1.fc20.noarch Tok Pisin hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hyphen-fa-0.20130404-1.fc20.noarch Farsi hyphenation rules Fedora
hyphen-sr-0.20130330-1.fc20.noarch Serbian hyphenation rules Fedora
hesiod-3.2.1-1.fc20.i686 Shared libraries for querying the Hesiod naming service Fedora
hesiod-devel-3.2.1-1.fc20.i686 Development libraries and headers for Hesiod Fedora
hexchat-2.9.5-1.fc20.i686 A popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client Fedora
heat-jeos-8-1.fc20.noarch This software provides the ability to create JEOS images for Heat Fedora
hibernate-commons-annotations-4.0.1-4.fc20.noarch Hibernate Annotations Fedora
hibernate-commons-annotations-javadoc-4.0.1-4.fc20.noarch Javadocs for hibernate-commons-annotations Fedora
hunspell-ur-0.64-6.fc20.noarch Urdu hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-ak-0.6-6.fc20.noarch Akan hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hunspell-oc-0.5-7.fc20.noarch Occitan hunspell dictionaries Fedora
hmmer-3.0-7.fc20.i686 Profile HMM software for protein sequence analysis Fedora
hippo-canvas-0.3.0-13.fc20.i686 A canvas widget Fedora
hippo-canvas-devel-0.3.0-13.fc20.i686 Development files for hippo-canvas Fedora
hippo-canvas-python-0.3.0-13.fc20.i686 Python module for hippo-canvas Fedora
horde-3.3.13-4.fc20.noarch The common framework for all Horde applications Fedora
horde-enhanced-3.3.13-4.fc20.noarch Adds extra functionality to the horde framework Fedora
hail-0.8-0.13.gf9c5b967.fc20.i686 Project Hail core cloud services Fedora
hail-devel-0.8-0.13.gf9c5b967.fc20.i686 Development files for hail Fedora
hail-devel-doc-0.8-0.13.gf9c5b967.fc20.noarch Documentation files for hail-devel Fedora
hyperestraier-1.4.13-14.fc19.i686 A full-text search system Fedora
hyperestraier-devel-1.4.13-14.fc19.i686 Libraries and Header files for Hyper Estraier Fedora
hyperestraier-java-1.4.13-14.fc19.i686 Hyper Estraier library for Java Fedora
hyperestraier-perl-1.4.13-14.fc19.i686 Hyper Estraier library for Perl Fedora
hiera-1.0.0-5.fc20.noarch A simple hierarchical database supporting plugin data sources Fedora
hugin-2012.0.0-7.fc19.i686 A panoramic photo stitcher and more Fedora
hugin-base-2012.0.0-7.fc19.i686 Command-line tools and libraries required by hugin Fedora
hunt-1.5-16.fc19.i686 Tool for demonstrating well known weaknesses in the TCP/IP protocol suite Fedora
hispavoces-pal-diphone-1.0.0-25.fc19.noarch Male Spanish voice «PAL» for Festival Fedora
hispavoces-sfl-diphone-1.0.0-25.fc19.noarch Female Spanish voice «SFL» for Festival Fedora
halibut-1.0-7.20120803svn9601.fc19.i686 TeX-like software manual tool Fedora
hanazono-fonts-20130222-1.fc19.noarch Japanese Mincho-typeface TrueType font Fedora
horst-3.0-2.fc19.i686 A highly optimized radio scanning tool Fedora
hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.1-11.fc19.noarch Java Persistence 2.0 (JSR 317) API Fedora
hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-javadoc-1.0.1-11.fc19.noarch Javadocs for hibernate-jpa-2.0-api Fedora
highlight-3.13-1.fc19.i686 Universal source code to formatted text converter Fedora
highlight-gui-3.13-1.fc19.i686 GUI for the hihghlight source code formatter Fedora
hop-2.4.0-1.fc19.i686 A web development kit Fedora
hyphen-af-0-0.8.20080714svn.fc19.noarch Afrikaans hyphenation rules Fedora
hyphen-zu-0-0.8.20080714svn.fc19.noarch Zulu hyphenation rules Fedora
hdf-4.2.9-1.fc19.i686 A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data Fedora
hdf-devel-4.2.9-1.fc19.i686 HDF development files Fedora
html2wiki-0.68-11.fc19.noarch Convert HTML to wiki markup Fedora
hunspell-cs-20060303-13.fc19.noarch Czech hunspell dictionary Fedora
hyphen-cs-20060303-13.fc19.noarch Czech hyphenation rules Fedora
h2-1.3.168-3.fc19.noarch Java SQL database Fedora
h2-javadoc-1.3.168-3.fc19.noarch Javadocs for h2 Fedora
ha-jdbc-2.0.16-0.5.rc1.fc19.noarch High-Availability JDBC Fedora
ha-jdbc-javadoc-2.0.16-0.5.rc1.fc19.noarch API documentation for ha-jdbc Fedora
hackedbox-0.8.5-11.fc19.i686 The bastard son of Blackbox, a small and fast Window Manager Fedora
halberd-0.2.4-7.fc19.noarch Tool to discover HTTP load balancers Fedora
harmonyseq-0.16-10.fc19.i686 A MIDI sequencer Fedora
hatools-2.14-3.fc19.i686 Improved shell scripting in High Availability environment Fedora
haveged-1.7-1.fc19.i686 A Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm Fedora
haveged-devel-1.7-1.fc19.i686 Headers and shared development libraries for HAVEGE algorithm Fedora
hawknl-1.68-10.fc19.i686 Game oriented network library Fedora
hawknl-devel-1.68-10.fc19.i686 Development files for hawknl Fedora
hct-0.7.60-9.fc19.noarch A HDL complexity tool Fedora
hdrprep-0.1.2-10.fc19.noarch Align digicam images and fix EXIF information Fedora
heat-7-2.fc19.noarch This software provides AWS CloudFormation functionality for OpenStack Essex Fedora
hercstudio-1.4.0-2.fc19.i686 GUI front-end to the Hercules mainframe Emulator Fedora
herqq-1.0.0-5.fc19.i686 A software library for building UPnP devices and control points Fedora
herqq-devel-1.0.0-5.fc19.i686 Development files for herqq Fedora
hessian-4.0.7-5.fc19.noarch Java implementation of a binary protocol for web services Fedora
hessian-javadoc-4.0.7-5.fc19.noarch API documentation for hessian Fedora
hexglass-1.2.1-6.fc19.i686 Block falling puzzle game based on a hexagonal grid Fedora
hexter-dssi-1.0.0-2.fc19.i686 DSSI software synthesizer plugin emulating DX7 Fedora
hfsplusutils-1.0.4-18.fc19.i686 Tools for reading Macintosh HFS+ volumes Fedora
hfsutils-3.2.6-23.fc19.i686 Tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes Fedora
hfsutils-devel-3.2.6-23.fc19.i686 A C library for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes Fedora
hfsutils-x11-3.2.6-23.fc19.i686 A Tk-based front end for browsing and copying files Fedora
hicolor-icon-theme-0.12-6.fc19.noarch Basic requirement for icon themes Fedora
hiran-perizia-fonts-0.1.0-4.fc19.noarch English asymmetric font Fedora
hiredis-0.11.0-2.fc19.i686 A minimalistic C client library for Redis Fedora
hiredis-devel-0.11.0-2.fc19.i686 Header files and libraries for hiredis C development Fedora
hitori-0.4.0-2.fc19.i686 Logic puzzle game for GNOME Fedora
hmaccalc-0.9.12-5.fc19.i686 Tools for computing and checking HMAC values for files Fedora
hnb-1.9.18-11.fc19.i686 Hierarchical Notebook Fedora
hntool-0.1.2-6.fc19.noarch Open source hardening tool for Unix Fedora
hokuyoaist-3.0.1-2.20120729git69df78b.fc19.i686 Hokuyo Laser SCIP driver Fedora
hokuyoaist-devel-3.0.1-2.20120729git69df78b.fc19.i686 Header files and libraries for hokuyoaist Fedora
honeyd-1.5c-19.fc19.i686 Honeypot daemon Fedora
hotssh-0.2.7-6.fc19.noarch Secure Shell Client Fedora
hotwire-0.721-11.fc19.noarch Hotwire Shell Fedora
hping3-0.0.20051105-19.fc19.i686 TCP/IP stack auditing and much more Fedora
hspell-1.2-4.fc19.i686 A Hebrew spell checker Fedora
hspell-devel-1.2-4.fc19.i686 Library and include files for Hspell, the Hebrew spell checker Fedora
ht-2.0.18-4.fc19.i686 File editor/viewer/analyzer for executables Fedora
ht-alegreya-fonts-1.004-2.fc19.noarch A Serif typeface originally intended for literature Fedora
ht-alegreya-smallcaps-fonts-1.004-2.fc19.noarch SmallCaps variant of the Alegreya font family Fedora
htdig-3.2.0-0.16.b6.fc19.i686 ht://Dig - Web search engine Fedora
htdig-web-3.2.0-0.16.b6.fc19.i686 Scripts and HTML code needed for using ht://Dig as a web search engine Fedora
html-xml-utils-6.3-2.fc19.i686 A number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files Fedora
html2text-1.3.2a-11.fc19.i686 HTML-to-text converter Fedora
html401-dtds-4.01-19991224.12.fc19.3.noarch HTML 4.01 document type definitions Fedora
htmlparser-1.6-11.fc19.noarch HTML Parser, a Java library used to parse HTML Fedora
htmlparser-javadoc-1.6-11.fc19.noarch Javadocs for htmlparser Fedora
htmlunit-2.9-5.fc19.noarch A headless web browser for automated testing Fedora
htmlunit-javadoc-2.9-5.fc19.noarch API documentation for htmlunit Fedora
htmlunit-core-js-2.9-4.fc19.noarch Rhino fork for htmlunit Fedora
htmlunit-core-js-javadoc-2.9-4.fc19.noarch Javadocs for htmlunit-core-js Fedora
htop-1.0.2-2.fc19.i686 Interactive process viewer Fedora
http-parser-2.0-4.20121128gitcd01361.fc19.i686 HTTP request/response parser for C Fedora
http-parser-devel-2.0-4.20121128gitcd01361.fc19.i686 Development headers and libraries for http-parser Fedora
http_ping-20050629-15.fc19.i686 HTTP latency measuring utility Fedora
httpd-itk-2.2.22-9.fc19.i686 MPM Itk for Apache HTTP Server Fedora
httperf-0.9.0-11.fc19.i686 Tool for measuring web server performance Fedora
httpry-0.1.7-3.fc19.i686 A specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic Fedora
httptunnel-3.3-11.fc19.i686 Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests Fedora
httpunit-1.7-11.fc19.noarch Automated web site testing toolkit Fedora
httpunit-doc-1.7-11.fc19.noarch Documentation for httpunit Fedora
httpunit-javadoc-1.7-11.fc19.noarch Javadoc for httpunit Fedora
hugs98-2006.09-13.fc19.i686 Haskell Interpreter Fedora
hugs98-alut-2006.09-13.fc19.i686 ALUT package for Hugs98 Fedora
hugs98-demos-2006.09-13.fc19.i686 Demo files for Hugs98 Fedora

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